Thursday, January 13, 2011

WoW Cinema - Big Blue Dress

Todays WoW Cinema is a classic. It has been around for over 4 years attracted more then five million views. It is one of the first ever WoW Machinima I saw. It solidified my love of the Mage class. It is pure awesome.

This video was made by Cranius who has made a whole bunch more videos since then. You can check out his you tube channel at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WoW Cinema - The Craft of War: Blind

Todays WoW Cinema is another favourite of mine. The animation is amazing, the music is perfect, and the story of the video is wonderful. Percula really takes WoW machinima to the next level with this film clip and even though it is over 2 years old it is still drawing new viewers everyday.

The story is set pre-burning crusade and follows an assassination attempt on Onyxia when she was infiltrating Stormwinds royal family. 

You can find more out about the artist at the vimeo site :

He has recently announced that he is working on a new short clip which I can't wait for.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Seeker: Mankrik and Olgra

The Seeker: Mankrik and Olgra

Love the stories in the wonderful Warcraft Universe? Do you take your time to read all of that quest text? Do you spend as much time reading about the game as you do playing it? Then The Seeker is the place for you. Each fortnight TheDr will go over some of the wonderful lore in the Warcraft Universe for your reading pleasure.

I swore that nothing would stir me to take up this blade again…

I was a fool

Mankrik is an orc warrior. He laid down his sword after a lengthy career battling for the horde and became a farmer. That was until one day when the Quilboar attacked his farm. He fought valiantly with his wife, Olgra, by his side. The Quilboar numbers overcame his wife and at seeing her fall he went into a bloodlust. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and their numbers overcame him as well.

He awoke later in the crossroads with a druid tending his wounds. The druid had come across his unconscious form lying on the gold road and had taken him back to the crossroads to heal him. Mankrik demanded to know what had happened to his wife but no-one knew. As soon as he could stand he would scout the horizon at the crossroads looking for her. He asked many travellers and adventures if they had seen or heard word of her, none had.

Until one day an adventurer came across the body of his wife Olga. After being told of the news Mankrik ventured out to collect the still form of his wife and take her home. Mankrik never returned to the crossroads, he instead now lives at Grol’dom Farm where he has erected a small monument to her.

He spends his days now hunting down Quilboar and asking others to do the same. Yet no matter how many he kills it is never enough to sate his bloodthirst.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WoW Cinema - Power : Cataclysm Remix feat. Kayhettin

I generally don't like hiphop/rap music, but I think todays WoW Cinema is a nice remix. It carries a certain ability to psych you up to play.

Its written by kayhettin, you can check out their guild site at

Saturday, January 1, 2011

WoW Cinema -World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinect

Now here is something to get you moving when you play WoW, not that many of us actually want to..

Its an interesting idea, but I'm not so sure it will catch on, not to mention the issues of porting the Kinect to PC.

WoW Cinema - Cataclysm - Remembering Characters We Lost in 2010

Todays WoW Cinema is a tribute to all the lore characters that passed away in the last year. It may seem a little sappy, but I liked the simpleness of it.

Mankrik's Amulet

This was pointed out to me by one of my Guildies the other day. There is a quest reward you can pick up in the barrens that pays homage to one of our old friends from vanilla WoW.

[Mankrik's Amulet]

You'll notice the flavour text to it refers to an old quest in vanilla WoW where you have to find Mankriks missing wife, which was very hard to do as he didn't give you any idea where she was.