Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Achievement Hunter : Well Read

Achievement Hunter : Well Read
Want to start achievement hunting? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Each Fortnight TheDr will go over some achievement hunting, with tips on where to begin.
Well Read is all about the books! Though it may seem daunting at first, I assure with just a little time and this guide you can fly right though it.

I will be going over the quickest way to get all of the books needed for this achievement, its going to go a lot quicker if you are a mage or have a mage friend that can port you around and there are certain parts of this I wouldn’t attempt until you are at least 80 or have a friend that can run you through. Without further ado lets get into those books!
1.       Start in Silvermoon City and pickup your first two books.

2.       Next port down to Undercity and grab [Exile of the High Elves]
3.       From Undercity you will want to fly to Scholomance in the Western Plaguelands. Once you get inside just follow the maps below:

4.       Next up is Scarlet Monastry, once you head in you will need to go to the Libaray wing and follow the map below:
5.       Once you are done there head back to a Capital City and see if you can get a port to Stonard otherwise you can use the portal to the blasted lands and fly up one zone.
6.       Once you arrive at Stonard grab the two books on the top floor of the main building:
7.       From Stonard head west to westfall. I stronly urge a flying mount for this one, you will need to drop into the main allience town, run into the Inn, click on the book (which will be hovering over a bed) and run out the back door.
8.       Mount up and fly south to Booty Bay.
9.       When you arrive at booty bay you will need to keep an eye out for the building behind the up-turned boat on the dock.
10.   This building contains most of the books for Booty Bay, There are 3 books on the bottom level and one book on the top floor.

Bottom Floor

Top Floor
11.   The other book is upstairs in the Tavern
12.   Head down to the end of the dock and grab the boat to Ratchet
13.   There are two books in Ratchet, the first one is in the Tavern at the south end:

The Second one is North of the Town in Gazlows building
14.   From Ratchet you will need to fly South to Southern Barrens and Northwatch Hold
15.   There is one book here and it is in the bottom of the tower next to the flight master

Once you get inside you will find it next to a chair:
16.   Mount up and fly West to Mulgore.
17.   When you arrive you are looking for the old dwarven digsite. This is the only place to get some of these books apart from Ironforge.
18.   Now for a bit of real travel. You will need to head to Dalaran for the next one, easy if you are a mage, otherwise catch a zepplin to Northrend.
19.   When you arrive in Dalaran you will need to head to the Horde District and upstairs in the Inn.

20.   Lastly you will need to head to the Caverns of Time, so in Dalaran head to the Violet Citadel and take the portal to Caverns of Time.
21.   When you arrive, jump on your own mount, not the free ride. And fly about half way down the tunnel, you should see an Inn on your right, inside is the last book you need:
22.   Congradulations, you are now Well Read.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and I look forward to hearing how you all go!


  1. So much hard work put into this. thanks a ton and keep up the good work!

  2. Great Guide, but I suggest posting that it is a Horde guide at the top (for us alliance people).