Saturday, April 30, 2011

Achievement Hunter: Pest Control

Want to start achievement hunting? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Each Fortnight Phoenixsting will go over some achievement hunting, with tips on where to begin.

This week I’ve gone on a vermin hunting spree to remove some of the pests that plague Azeroth.
1.     Ok so we start in Dalaran. Head to the well and kill the Squirrel next to it.

2.     Then jump down the well into the underbelly and knock off one the underbelly rats down there.

3.     Next we are heading to Howling Fjord where you can knock off a lot of this achievement. Starting at Gjalerbron in the north you can slay the roach and the spider. Heading further south to just west of Utgarde Keep slay the snake and the maggot. Heading east from there in the village just south of Utgarde Keep is the Fjord Rat. Now turn north and face Utgarde keep. You will see a cave entrance that looks like a skull. Head inside and right down to the bottom to get the Devouring Maggot. Make your way back up to the surface and head south to the very bottom point of Howling Fjord where you can knock off the Rat.

4.     Fly North into Zul’Drak where you can kill the Zul’Drak Rat. You will be able to find these running around in the water in the center of the map.

5.     Next stop is a bit of a hike away. You’ll need to head to the Ghostlands for this one. Just outside of Tranquillien you will be able to spot the Larva. They are all over of the zone so if you are alliance I’d suggest looking for one a bit further away from the horde town.

6.     Fly south into the Eastern Plaguelands. In the North West corner there is tunnel. Inside this tunnel you will find the Scorpian.

7.     Heading south again, aim for the wetlands where you will be able to pick up the mouse. The mouse is the alliance town here so its best if your Horde to just fly down to the docks and quickly knock it off. You should be able to re-mount here before the guards spot you.

8.     Keep heading south until you get to the Badlands where you will be able to pick up the gold Beetle.

9.     Still Heading south, you will come across the Moccasin in the Swamp of Sorrows.

10.   South once more into the Blasted Lands where you can smite the Adder and the Fire Beetle.

11.   Lastly you need to head all the way over to Winterspring to grab the Crystal Spider. This spider is hiding in a cave to the south east of Everlook.

And that’s it folks. Let me know how you go with your quest to remove the vermin from this world and get an achievement while you are at it!


  1. Very useful guide! All the pests are gone in my World of Warcraft now, thanks to you!

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