Sunday, June 19, 2011

Achievement Hunter: Drown Your Sorrows (Horde Guide)

Want to start achievement hunting? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Each Fortnight Phoenixsting will go over some achievement hunting, with tips on where to begin.

This week we are out to sample some of the fine (and not so fine) drinks that the cataclysm has brought us.

I’m going to show you how to complete this achievement from start to finish without using the auction house. It is possible to complete it by just buying the drinks on the auction house, however people aren’t always selling the drinks you need.

To complete this achievement first you are going to need a few things:
  • Max cooking skill (525/525)
  • 12 chef’s awards (the issue here is that there is a soft cap of 10 awards at a time so you might have to complete this over a day or two.)
  • Completed the majority of Vashj’ir.

1.       Start in Silvermoon city. You will need to visit Innkeeper Velandra and Vinemaster Suntouched. From them you will need to purchase two Skins of Dwarven Stout, a jug of Bourbon, 5 refreshing spring water, one Sparkling Oasis Water, one Fresh Water and a Highlands Spring Water. You can drink the Sparkling Oasis water, Fresh Water and the highland spring water straight away, but hold on to the others as you will need them later.

2.       Head to the Twilight Highlands next. You will need to speak to Lizzy Lemons to purchase a Highland pomegranate and a Tropical Sunfruit. Again hold onto these as you will need them later.

3.       Now head back to Orgrimmar. You will need to find the Shazdar and purchase the recipes for; Highland Spirits, South Island Iced Tea and Starfire Espresso. You will also need to buy a bag of imported goods to obtain the Cocoa Beans. Learn all of those recipes and using the items you have already bought you will be able to make one of each of those drinks. Feel free to drink them straight away. Head inside and speak to Arugi to learn how to make Darkbrew Lager (if you don’t already know it). You can then brew that lager using the items you have already picked up.

4.       Take the portal to Vashj’ir. Once there you should see a vendor called Zan’zata. You can purchase the Greasy Whale Milk from him.

5.       There are a few ways to get the last few drinks, Fungus Squeezings and murky water. If you haven’t completed the Hyjal quests you can pick them both up from a vendor called Grunka when you are doing the quests that require you to infiltrate the cultists. Otherwise you will have to buy them from an NPC in the Zul’Aman instance before you free him. Lastly you can get fungus Squeezings from a few mobs. The highest drop rate is the Horrorguards at Hyjal. The Murky Water is the hardest of them to get especially if you have finished Hyjal but are not geared enough for Zul’Aman. You might have some luck on the AH if you are out of options.

6.       Once you have managed to get those last few you can down them and get your achievement!


  1. Just want to say that I just found your blog and I love it! It's a shame it seems to have died though.

    1. Thanks Chris, Maybe I'll start it back up again.